Digital Hearing Aids

The latest Audio Fit software is required to program digital hearing aids. To download the software, click here.


New Omnis delivers !


Technical Specifications

The most advanced of the Ultimo series.


Technical Specifications

Improved version of the Ultimo.


Technical Specifications

Available in three different versions.

Ultimo          -  4 programs, 4 channels, 12 bands
Ultimo Plus  -  4 programs, 6 channels, 14 bands
Ultimo Pro   -  4 programs, 8 channels, 16 bands 


Technical Specifications

Available in three versions::

Brio Base
Brio Evolué
Brio Avancé

See the What's New section for more details.

Technical Specifications

The world's first modular hearing aid !
Available in ITE, ITC, CIC and Open Fit.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications Open Fit

Available in ITE, ITC, CIC and Open Fit.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications Open Fit 

Available in ITE, ITC, CIC and BTE. 

Technical Specifications

Available in ITE, ITC, CIC. 

Technical Specifications 

Available in ITE, ITC, CIC. 

Technical Specifications


The Eligo is the only ITE digital hearing aid offering four parameter trimmers.  

With a choice of 54 different combinations of parameter trimmers, every combination is a winning combination !

Use the to select the best Eligo for your patients needs !

Technical Specifications 


We have the solution for your special needs!

The SPECIALIZED PRODUCTS are designed for very particular hearing losses.

Our Research and Development Department can help you find solutions for difficult cases.

Faceplate Kits

Are you looking for a company with a different approach for the faceplate kits' market ?

Audio Controle is the place !

With our well recognized flexibility and expertise, we are able to meet your needs for pre-wired faceplate kits. Our Research and Development Department is dedicated to continuously improve our line of products by developing new and efficient designs. We have a keen desire to answer any new requests from our clientele in order to deliver a customized product which answers various and specific needs.

Audio Controle was the first company in the Canadian hearing aid manufacturing industry to have obtained its ISO 9001 accreditation and takes great pride in offering top quality products with respect to the international quality standards such as CE, ANSI and IEC. Audio Controle, Inc.’s insight and expertise, has allowed us to extend our activities in Europe and South America where our products are distributed. Over the years, we have developed a complete line of products including AGCI, AGCO, ASP, WDRC and linear etc. circuitries. Original products such as the KAMELEON circuit and our ACI 16 model distinguish us in the market and contribute to our success. Since we design, create and manufacture our products every step of the way, it is needless to say that at Audio Controle, Inc. technical support is a serious matter.
If you intend to start your own shell lab, we can also supply all the necessary tools, equipment and supplies needed for your venture.

And finally, our prices are very competitive on the market. Think of the Canadian currency exchange advantages!

Cleaning Products

Like many other correcting devices (contact lenses, dental plates...), hearing aids need daily maintenance to extend their life. Audio Control, Inc. assists its clientele in this task by offering the Audio Net I and the Audio Net II which are efficient maintenance products for hearing aids. Those daily cleaning products dissolve ear wax on all In-The-Ear instruments or earmolds. Moreover, these products act as an antibacterial and prevent many kinds of allergies
and infections.


Impression Material

We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of DREVE's products, the worlds leading manufacturer of silicone for the hearing aid industry. We can offer you :
  • Impression materials
  • Impression pads
  • Noise and water protection products
  • Injectors for cartridges
  • Impression syringes
  • Direct adaptation products
  • Ultraviolet reacting acrylic
  • Powder and liquid acrylic
  • All kinds of equipment or tools needed in a lab


We promote a complete line of different sizes and types of batteries. For more information, you may contact our Customer Service at
any time.