November 5, 2012 New Omnis 
Our most complete hearing aid ! Everything you need for a great fit.

4 programs, 8 channels, 16 bands, data logging and lots more !.

The latest Audio Fit software is required to program the Ultimo hearing aids.

Omnis Technical Specifications

November 10, 2008 New Ultimo - More flexibility !
With more than 150 parameters, the Ultimo is very flexible yet easy to fit !

Ultimo          -  4 programs, 4 channels, 12 bands
Ultimo Plus  -  4 programs, 6 channels, 14 bands
Ultimo Pro   -  4 programs, 8 channels, 16 bands 

The latest Audio Fit software is required to program the Ultimo hearing aids.

Ultimo Technical Specifications

November 1, 2008 Exclusive RAMQ Brio  !
Exclusively tailored for the Québec market, the Brio makes the top of the list !

The latest Audio Fit software is required to program the Brio hearing aids.

Brio Technical Specifications

May 1, 2007 Selecto and Maestro now available as Open Fit !
    The Selecto and Maestro are now available as Open Fit.
Consult the technical specifications.

Audio Fit software is required to program the Selecto and Maestro Hearing Aids.

Selecto Technical Specifications
Maestro Technical Specifications

  September 15, 2006 Selecto Modular Hearing Instrument

Consult the Technical Specifications for the Selecto.

  September 15, 2006 Audio Fit Version 2.7
    Version 2.7 adds support for the Selecto Modular Hearing Aid

You can download it here.

  October 1, 2005 Audio Fit Version 2.6
  Version 2.6 adds Remote Support and various enhancements.  

You can download it here.

June 1, 2004 The Vivo BTE Is Here !
  The highly flexible Vivo now comes in two BTE formats and three versions.
  • Vivo BTE, battery size 13
  • Vivo Power, battery size 675
  • Vivo PowerD, a directional mic version of the Vivo Power

To program the Vivo BTE, you need the latest version of our Audio Fit software.



May 1, 2004 The All New Maestro: High End Digital Redefined.
Maestro, an entirely digital hearing aid, combines Canadian expertise with unequaled virtuosity in technology. Its 16 band noise reduction, 14 band frequency shaping and 4 channels with fully adjustable compression parameters are the keys of our technology. Feedback and occlusion management, peak smoothing and voice enhancer are available in multi level to give you an unequaled precision. 

All styles ( ITE, ITC and CIC ) includes warning signals for low battery as well as a program change indicator. FrontWave directionality enables you to perfectly set the microphone pattern for specific situations. The fully programmable telecoil ensures clarity for telephone conversations. Our "IFit" system adjusts the Maestro according to the audiogram. The "PASS" Wizard (Patient Application Solutions System) assists you in applying solutions to minor programming issues that may occur during the fitting. Finally, our "SAM" (Situations Automated Manager) system will provide environmental adaptability.

To program the Maestro, you need the latest version of our Audio Fit software.

Consult the Technical Specifications for the Maestro.


  May 1, 2004 Audio Fit Version 2.5
  Version 2.5 adds support for the new Maestro digital hearing aid.  

You can download it here.

September 26, 2003 New Eligo Digital Hearing Aid !


Audio Controle launches its new ELIGO Digital Hearing Aid.

The Eligo is the first digital hearing aid to offer 4 trimmers as a standard. With 54 possible combinations of 4 trimmer assignable parameters, a first in the industry, the Eligo sets the bar higher in terms of flexibility and ease of adjustment for trimmer based digital hearing aids.

The Eligo gives you the opportunity to customize your choice of adjustable parameters among 15 combinations for the one channel version and 39 combinations for the two channel version.

Offering a total of 9 adjustable parameters, the Eligo is the most versatile trimmer based digital hearing aid.

  • Threshold Knee 
  • Compression Ratio (1 channel version only)
  • Low Cut
  • High Cut
  • AGCO
  • Notch Filter
  • Crossover (2 channel version only)
  • Channel 1 gain (2 channel version only)
  • Channel 2 gain (2 channel version only)

With no requirement for fitting software, the Eligo allows for rapid and effective servicing.  All you need is a screwdriver ! 

With the help of the , you can easily select the right combination of parameters that best suits your patients needs. Each hearing aid you order will be custom made based on your choice from the .



Consult the Technical Specifications for our new Eligo Digital Hearing Aid.




February 03, 2003 Audio Fit version 2.0c released
  Version 2.0c adds the Audio Fit Assistant, direct access to technical sheets and some minor improvements.

You can download it here.
November 29, 2002 Audio Fit version 2.0b released
  Version 2.0b adds support for directional microphones.

November 15, 2002 Audio Fit version 2.0a released
  Version 2.0a fixes some minor issues.

October 3, 2002 New line of Digital Hearing Aids



Audio Controle now has three new digital products to offer.

Solo - one channel, two programs,
Duo - two channels, three programs,
Vivo - four channels,  four programs.

These new hearing aids combine Canadian technology in a manner which is simple, flexible and very adaptable.
Here are some of the features:

  • Programming  up to 28 parameters, takes only a few minutes with our Audio Fit software

  • Low battery warning  and program change indicator audible signals are standard with all styles (ITE, ITC, CIC)

  • Our dual point compression system allows the professional to position the thresholds and the system will calculate the ratios accordingly

  • A programmable telecoil ensures a clear understanding of any conversation

  • Our I-Fit system adjusts the hearing aid according to the audiogram  

  • The " PASS " Wizard (Patient Application Solutions System) can be used to solve minor changes that may occur while programming the hearing aid 

  • The " SAM " system (Situations Automated Manager) gives environmental adaptability

  • In the Vivo model, compression time constants can be set for each channel, giving an in-depth fitting

  • The Vivo also has the HRX option which increases the dynamic range up to 20dBs. Perfect for music lovers !

  • Finally,  two different systems of directional microphones are also offered for ITE and ITC models

To program these digital hearing aids you need the latest version of our Audio Fit software.

Consult the Technical Specifications for these hearing aids.

Solo, Duo, Vivo